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Peter Bray

What is reverse engineering, from mechanical design perspective? How can Just Desygn Ltd help your company in this regard?


The most common scenario that occurs within many UK companies is a critical component coming to the end of its working life and/or breakdowns due to unforeseen circumstances. For instance, you could be the plant engineer of industrial outlet in South Wales or the West of England and a critical component breaks down. In order for the business or industrial complex to remain profitable, if not solvent, is to get the manufacturing back-up and running. However, for many companies there is a major problem. The company who originally produced the critical component no longer exists, and/or the drawings for the component in question are also no longer available.


The questions that may arise:


  1. Where can I get new components and parts made?
  2. Where can I get new drawings?
  3. Can this part be reverse engineered?


The only way to solve this problem is through reverse engineering, that is what we at Just Desygn do.


It involves taking the original component and what drawings may exist and creating a brand new set of detailed drawings from what little information we have. For example, an aluminium works in the UK have this exact problem with a number of their machines used in their manufacturing processes.


One such machine is the puller.


The puller is formed of two component pieces; the puller and the saw.


These two components have reached the end of their working lives and we were tasked with producing new detailed drawings and design upgrades to these critical components.


Here is a video of the original pullers in action.


As you can see, they are quite complicated pieces of machinery.


In order to reproduce these components required the latest computer software and detailed interrogation of the machines themselves as well as what drawings were available to us.


In terms of drawings all we were given, were extremely scant arrangement drawings.


Samples below:


This is followed up by 3D models of what we have produced from the information given.


Puller - Puller

Puller - Saw

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