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Bespoke Design Solutions


Design process of bespoke machinery and/or component design peculiar to a given sector of industry, either delivered solely by Just Desygn LTD or with OEMs.

Just Desygn can deliver design solutions solely on a client commission basis.  One such contract was to design a test rig for a local pump manufacturer.  This presented several challenges such as the space in where it had to be installed and the extremely broad range of pump that had to be tested giving rise for the need for a certain amount of interchange ability.  In addition, the budget to carry out the project was quite tight so there was a need to use as much of the existing kit in a reconfigured manner as possible.




After modelling the area where the rig was going to be installed, the next big issue was to completely understand what was to be tested.  This proved invaluable exercise on a few levels, one being the need to understand the full extent of any remit before you can start to design.  Secondly to provide a system to test the range of pumps that was first envisaged would prove to costly.   Hence the need for rationalisation, this was completed and a workable solution was arrived at.


As part of the Just Desygn portfolio we have been working with a top local company, Materials Recovery Systems, in helping them to develop their product range of recycling equipment.  Working with their engineers, Just Desygn provided 3D models engineering drawings and photo rendered images for visualisation and marketing.



Process Design-out Solutions


Design-out solutions can amount to either something quite grand or relatively small; but in their only particular way designed to improve a process, be it, plant safety, yield, availability, or quality.


Coil Car

Design-out solutions can amount to either something quite grand or relatively small. Nevertheless, the particulars of each design is generally to improve a plant process; be it safety, yield, availability or quality. The work I am featuring here was the installation of a Cross Bay Coil Car for transferring coils in a steel plant.


The issues being considered was coil damage and the time to transport coils from one side of the plant to the other.  The coil damage and the time for transportation were interlinked.  The coil damage was caused by the excessive amount of lifts by overhead cranes for unloading and the loading of coils onto transportation means which in turn was costly due to the amount of time taken.



Work was done in conjunction with plant engineers, initially to understand the problems they had and the issues I would face.  The big issue was to design a structure to carry a 200tonne load across a pit.  This in addition into remaking redundant existing machinery so it could be used in a new scenario.  So the design included the concept through to installation, calculations for the various structures, on site surveys and measurements, 3D Modelling, production of engineering drawings, on site supervision during installation and commissioning.



They are compliant with BS 8888 / BS 308.  Drawings are documents that transmit information and accordingly must be clear, unambiguous and contain all relevant information for safe manufacture.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is quite a common occurrence where bespoke replacement components are required to keep machines operating. However, in many cases the drawings required to make such components are no longer available.



















Hence machines can be put on stop which can incur considerable expenses. In many cases the only solution rather than buying all new kit is to reverse engineer. The images show a cement auger that is very badly worn, and thus requires replacement. To make a new auger was more than just a quick measure up and fabricate.


















When measuring up for new bespoke component parts, we have to give due diligence, and attention to small details so that critical dimensions are maintained. Especially when coming into contact with interfacing components or fitting into exact spaces.


The component features a compound helix spiralling down the length of a tube. Therefore, some quite precise measurements were required to transfer information from the actual component into a 3D model and 2D drawings. The photo rendered 3D images are what were produced as a result of this work. In addition, to the production of engineering drawings.

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